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Brand: Conair Model: BETP1
This sleek vanity mirror features three panels and three light settings for flawless makeup application, and the adjustable stand makes it easy to select your perfect view. The classic design looks great on any tabletop.Features: 1x magnification – tri-panel viewingTouch control3 light settings..
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Brand: Conair Model: FBEMRG
The True Glow® 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing  system from Conair simplifies skincare and facial cleansing. Designed with Sonic Advantage for optimal results, our unique design allows you to customize your skincare experience in 3 ways. The cleansing brush effortlessly cleans, exfoliates, and mois..
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Brand: Conair Model: HLD23TG
Smooth and soften your skin the indulgent way with our Heated Lotion Dispenser. Just fill the reservoir with your hand or body lotion, wait two minutes for heat-up, then massage lotion into skin for a soothing spa experience. Taking your lotion to the next level, the heated lotion pump can ease dry,..
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Brand: Conair Model: NC01X
Our All-in-One Nail Care Center provides all the tools you need for professional-looking manicures and pedicures. More than a nail kit, it's a unique all-inclusive nail system with every tool you need to soak, smooth, buff, shape, and more. All elements are stored inside or built in, including a nai..
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Brand: Conair Model: PED2CRP
True Glow® Footcare Solutions Callus Softeners quickly smooth and soften your feet, transforming skin from rough and dry to soft and silky. Our replacement packs make it easy to keep your unit in top operating condition. Put your best foot forward, every day!FEATURES: NEW Diamond Crysta..
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Brand: Conair Model: TH280
Handy and portable digital weighing scale boasts a thin and lightweight design that can easily be used in any room and stored when not in use Instant activation "tap on" feature. 1.3" High Contrast Digital Display Nonslip rubber feet keep it firmly in place for safe weighing. Convenient Carry Ha..
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Brand: Conair Model: SU2X
Conair Dream Tones SU2 Sky Light with Sound Therapy. 5 Colors - Light green, blue, purple, red, dark green - will rotate through all colors. 6 Sounds - Rain, Ocean waves, Heart beat, Summer night, Forest, Babbling brook. Volume control, 3 AA batteries (not included). Perfect for helping infants and ..
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Brand: Conair Model: TH100S
This traditional analog scale features an extra-large dial and 330 lb. weight capacity with a comfort grip platform and an easy-to-read rotating dial. Whether you're looking to gain, lose, or maintain your weight, the accuracy of our analog scale makes it an invaluable tool for watching your weight...
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Brand: Conair Model: BSF1
The True Glow™ Battery-Operated Sonic Facial Brush comes with one facial brush head attachment to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize! The battery operated facial brush makes it super portable, for clean, smooth skin at home and on the road!Features:2x more effective than usin..
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Brand: Conair Model: FB27R
Wash away the day's cares with a soothing foot spa. One touch pad control button makes it easy to choose heat and just enough bubbles, while three pedicure attachments and two bubble strips provide a pampering touch.Features:1 touchpad control for bubbles and heat2 bubble strips3 massage attach..
Ex Tax:$372.60
Brand: Conair Model: FB3
Our foot spa with heat and vibration features a toe-touch control to comfort your feet in warm relaxation. The massage attachment and vibrating nodes on the guard and base provide extra-deep massage action for an extra-deep, full-foot massage...
Ex Tax:$362.95
Brand: Conair Model: RTGX
This rechargeable cordless toothbrush has bristles in the oscillating brush head to clean your teeth better than conventional toothbrushes. Subgingival bristles massage gums and clean under the gum line; and the polishing bristles smooth the tooth surfaces. Two twist-on brush heads are included, col..
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Brand: Conair Model: SFBRPF
Our Sonic Skincare Solution Replacement Brush Head for the face gently dissolves impurities, oil, and debris, while whisking away dead skin cells. Every True Glow facial brush head is crafted with bristles designed expressly for the care of facial skin. When in use, all the bristles oscillate, letti..
Ex Tax:$28.35
Brand: Conair Model: SFBRPB
Our Sonic Skincare Solution Replacement Brush Head for the body is crafted with short bristles ideal for cleansing, smoothing, and exfoliating. It whisks away dead skin cells and dirt, leaving nothing but softness behind. When in use, all the bristles oscillate, letting you face the world with ultra..
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Brand: Conair Model: SU9
Let the sounds of nature create a tranquil mood so you can relax, rest, and renew. From a running brook to the gentle pitter patter of rain, these soft noises will wrap you in peace. Ease into meditation, drift off to sleep or let the soothing sounds calm your little ones...
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Brand: Conair Model: SFBM
The dermatologist-tested True Glow Sonic Skincare Solution Brush from Conair makes your cleanser two times more effective. After just one use, pores are 30% less visible. Sonic technology powers this high-performance cleansing brush at 300 oscillations per second. Without irritation, it unclogs pore..
Ex Tax:$500.85
Brand: Conair Model: HP08T
The thermaluxe massaging heating pad will soothe aches and pains with ease and convenience. It has an ergonomic remote control with complete settings for heat and massage. It's extra-large to relieve multiple muscle groups. It's designed to fit a variety of areas on your body and soothe away the pai..
Ex Tax:$475.00
Brand: Conair Model: PED2
The True Glow Footcare Solution keeps feet soft, smooth and beautiful! It includes a coarse callus softener attachment with diamond crystal technology for superior smoothing; it easily buffs away calluses and rough, dry skin. It’s gentle enough to use every day!FEATURES:Unique roller design spins 36..
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Brand: Conair Model: BHM
FEATURES: Beauty Mitts Relieve and reinvigorate your stressed and weary hands True Glow Thermal Spa ..
Ex Tax:$270.00
Brand: Conair Model: SFB
The dermatologist-tested True Glow® Sonic Skincare Solution brush makes your cleanser twice as effective. After just one use, pores are 30% less visible. Sonic technology powers this high-performance cleansing brush at 300 oscillations per second. Without irritation, it unclogs pores and washes away..
Ex Tax:$486.22
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