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Brand: Conair Model: GPP1
Protect your hand from heat while steaming garments with a CompleteCARE™ Protective Garment Steaming Mitt. The heavy cotton, polyester fabric is insulated against steam penetration and provides firm backing for professional results.Protects hand and wrist while steamingHeavy cotton/polyester fabric ..
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Brand: Conair Model: GS23XRSC
Our 1110 watt handheld fabric steamer uses dual heat technology to give you fast, hot steam for great results. With two heat settings, it can handle most fabrics, from heavy cotton and wool to delicate satin and silk. The steam trigger provides constant steam as well as an energy-saving steam pause ..
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Brand: Conair Model: BEFF2
Use Conair’s fog-free mirror in or out of the shower. 3x magnification is great for shaves and the finer details of men’s grooming. LED lighting means you never have to replace bulbs, and there’s a removable hanger to hold your favorite razor! With suction cups that adhere to tile or other smooth su..
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Brand: Conair Model: BE52LED-2P
This plastic, double-sided mirror is efficient in both design and energy. The circular mirror and curved stand cleverly fold for easy use and storage, while the energy-saving LED lighting is safe and long lasting. Perfect for travel, dorm room and office...
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Brand: Conair Model: GS65
The Extreme Steam features dual heat technology to release hotter steam. The ultra-high temperature creates smaller water molecules that move faster to penetrate deep into any fabric and quickly release wrinkles for professional results. Includes 3 removable attachments: Lint Brush (removes lint, sm..
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Model: WIL-226
Faster Heating - Mueller Retractable Steam Iron only takes 3 seconds for steam to regenerate and reach max temperature in less than a minute much faster than traditional irons. Stainless Steel Soleplate - Effortlessly glides over fabrics and allows for tight spots and corners. Suitable for all ..
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Brand: Conair Model: CLS2
This fabric defuzzer features three depth settings to shave fuzz, pilling and lint from sweaters, clothing, furniture and upholstery. Fully adjustable for a variety of fabric types, this battery-powered defuzzer with a comfortable grip safely removes unwanted broken and matted fibers from your favor..
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