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Cuisinart Electrics
Brand: Cuisinart Model: CPB-300P1
Meet the Cuisinart SmartPower Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System the slim and trim powerhouse that does it all! Use the streamlined blender jar to make smoothies in a flash! Mince herbs in the chopping cup and whip up custom drinks right in the travel cups weve included four of them so everyo..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: ICE-21P1
Now you can make your favorite frozen yogurt at home in just 20 minutes or less! The fully automatic Cuisinart® Frozen Yogurt - Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker lets you turn ingredients into a delicious and healthy frozen treat with no fuss and no mess. Simply add your ingredients to the bowl, pre..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CWC-1800CU
Keep up to 18 bottles of wine or Champagne at their perfect temperature with the elegant Cuisinart Private Reserve® Wine Cellar. The simple touchscreen control right on the stainless steel trim door makes it easy to adjust the temperature between 39°F and 68°F, thanks to our quietest thermoelectric ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CBK-200
Bring the bakery home with our beautiful expertly engineered brushed stainless Convection Bread Maker! Fresh bread doesn’t get any easier, thanks to the responsive air circulation, speed, and timing to ensure a beautiful bake each and every time. Taking care of your family’s health is easy with glut..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CDF-170P1
Frying up appetizers, sides, and main courses is easy with the Cuisinart 3.4 Quart Deep Fryer! The digital timer eliminates the guesswork for perfect results every time.1800-watt immersion style heating element for fast heat-up and recovery time1.7lb food capacity3.25 liter (3.4 quart) removable sta..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: PSC-350
Turn slow cooking into a delicious art form with the Cuisinart® 3.5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker. Let the delicious scents of slow cooked dishes greet you after your commute home by using the 24-hour LCD countdown timer and four cooking modes that automatically change to Warm when the cook ti..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: WAF-200
The Cuisinart 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker always cooks golden waffles that are crispy on the outside and mouthwateringly tender on the inside. With a stylish brushed stainless steel cover, the waffle iron offers adjustable temperature control with six browning settings for ultimate control. The res..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: WAF-150
Take waffles beyond breakfast with the Cuisinart® 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker. This high-performance waffle iron has an elegant stainless steel top and makes deep-pocket waffles to hold more toppings for more delicious options! Five-setting controls for browning create customized results to meet ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CPC-400
It’s easy to make compact-size meals or side dishes fast with the 4-Quart Pressure Cooker! Just toss ingredients into the pot, close the lid, and let the pressure cooker do the work. Brown, simmer or sauté food right in the pot before cooking, and keep it warm when done! Food retains more vitamins..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: SM-50
Cuisinart is changing the way the world mixes! This phenomenal new stand mixer delivers more power, more capacity, and more options - and it comes with the best name in the business! Features: 5.5-quart capacity polished stainless steel bowl 500-watt motor|Die-cast metal construction 12 speeds for p..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: SM-50BK
SUPERIOR FUNCTION: Delivering power, precision and performance, our stand mixer features a 5.5-quart capacity with a 500-watt motor, die-cast metal construction, and 12-speeds that allow for nuance and excellence in performing a variety of preparation tasks MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Polished stainles..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CPC-900
Cuisinart picks up the pressure with this powerful new High-Pressure Multicooker. Cooking under pressure can finish a meal 70% faster, and with its max 15psi, this multicooker can do it even faster! But versatility is the big story. This is a top-of-line multicooker, with 12 pre-programmed settin..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CPC-600N1
It’s easy to make entire meals or side dishes fast with the 6-Quart Pressure Cooker! Just toss ingredients into the pot, close the lid, and let the pressure cooker do the work. Brown, simmer or sauté food right in the pot before cooking, and keep it warm when done! Food retains more vitamins and m..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: DCB-10
Cuisinart introduces a new way to make authentic cold brew coffee – in as little as 25 minutes! Like traditional cold brewers, the Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker saturates coffee grounds in cool water, never exposing them to the high temperatures that release oils which can create a..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: WAF-F10P1
Make thick, delicious Belgian waffles that are crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside with this rotating waffle maker. With Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker - Round, it’s easy to create the gourmet breakfasts and desserts you love!Features: Extra-deep 1 inch restaurant-style waf..
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Model: AMZ-109
PROFESSIONAL VACUUM SEALER: The Bonsenkitchen food sealer machine only takes 10-12 seconds to complete the food vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealer for food is easy to operate with 5 buttons. It is a great solution to keep food fresher for longer. It can keep food fresh for 8 times longer than normal stor..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CCJ-900
Engineered for optimal versatility and convenience, this first-of-its-kind unit provides the option to juice directly into an integrated 22.-oz carafe or a single-serve drinking glass. The universal juicing cone quickly turns any citrus fruit, from small limes to large grapefruits, into fresh, del..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: DCG-20N
Pair your coffeemaker with the Cuisinart Coffee Grinder to bring out the freshest flavor from your whole beans. With a simple On/Off switch, you can grind enough 70g/2.5oz of coffee beans to make 12 fresh cups in no time!Features: Stainless steel bowl and blades On/Off switch with saf..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: DCG-20BKN
Pair your coffeemaker with the Cuisinart Coffee Grinder to bring out the freshest flavor from your whole beans. With a simple On/Off switch, you can grind enough 70g/2. 5oz of coffee beans to make 12 fresh cups in no time. This handy grinder also makes quick work of grinding spices and herbs, incl..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CBK-110P1
Everybody loves homemade bread, but not everybody has time to make it. Let Cuisinart do it for you! our versatile and compact automatic bread maker offers a variety of crust colors and loaf sizes, as well as 12 preprogrammed menu options. Foolproof recipes include everything from gluten-free and art..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CWO-50
The Cuisinart Wine Opener easily removes up to 80 natural or synthetic corks on one full charge. We’ve included a foil cutter and vacuum sealer too!..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CPM-2500TR
The festive trolley lets you roll the popcorn maker right to the party, while also helping store and serve bowls, napkins and toppings. This impressive popper and trolley are great for parties, movie nights, game time snacks - or anytime you want to turn a gathering into an occasion!FEATURES: ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CTG-00-BSC6
Cuisinart gathers the home cook’s essential tools and makes them available in a stainless steel crock that’s ready for the countertop. Includes everything anyone needs to get cooking!Features: Includes 5 tools and crock in easy reachSoft-grip handles with stainless steelNylon tool heads are saf..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: TOB-40N
Whether you're baking a pizza or toasting bagels or slices of bread, you're sure to receive excellent results thanks to this Cuisinart Custom Classic toaster oven. And just to make sure you get those great results, the Always Even Shade Control monitors the oven's temperature and adjusts timing to c..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: TOB-135N
The Cuisinart® Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler has 9 functions, including convection, to handle your family’s cooking needs. You can bake delicious cakes, roast potatoes, and crisp juicy roasts with this kitchen workhorse. With 0.6 cubic foot capacity, the Toaster Oven fits a whole ch..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CCO-50BKN
Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe electric can opener, black electric can opener with precision power cut blade press-and-release lever for easily opening any standard-size can extra-wide base prevents sliding or tipping; stops automatically magnetic lid holder; removable activation lever; easy-to-..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CCO-50N
Cuisinart® combines style, convenience, and power in the Deluxe Can Opener. With beautiful chrome accents and elegant contours, the Deluxe Can Opener operates with a single-touch for effortless operation. The Power Cut® blade and magnetic lid holder are attached to the detachable lever for fast ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: SCO-60
With one touch, the Cuisinart® Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener makes short work of any standard size can. The precision Power Cut™ blade effortlessly slices through cans, held in place by the handy magnetic lid holder. Cuisinart® designed the arm to be removable, making cleanup effortless. The..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CJE-1000P1
Equipped with a 1000-watt powerful motor, this easy-to-use juice extractor makes it exceptionally convenient to enjoy fresh, healthy fruit and vegetable juice from the comfort of home. The unit's large 3-inch feeding chute can accommodate whole apples, pears, and other large-size fruits and vegetabl..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: WAF-F20P1
The professional quality Cuisinart Round Double Belgian Waffle Maker cooks two thick, delicious Belgian waffles at the same time. With its extra-deep 1-inch waffle pockets, non-stick coated waffle grids, and adjustable browning controls, you'll have light and fluffy waffles in no time!Features: ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CPM-100
Pop healthier popcorn with just hot air! The Cuisinart® EasyPop™ Hot Air Popcorn Maker is exceptionally easy to use. Just pour kernels into the popping chamber without oil and hot air will send up to 15 cups of popcorn out of the chute right into a waiting bowl in under 3 minutes! Also features..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: JK-17
Whether heating water for perfect afternoon tea, making hot cocoa before bed or filling a French Press for your morning coffee, the Electric Cordless Tea Kettle is always ready. Boasting 1500 watts of power, the Tea Kettle brings up to 1.7 liters of water to the boil fast at the push of a butt..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CEK-41
The knife set includes a carving/serving fork and a bamboo cutting board. The power handle, blade and fork fi t into their own tray when not in use, and the cutting board slips underneath to store. Convenient, start to fi nish! The ultra-sharp blade on the Cuisinart® Electric Knife carves meats and po..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CEK-30
The ideal combination of performance and versatility, the Cuisinart Electric Knife features a powerful motor and a full-size stainless steel blade to make short work of any slicing task. Serrated for superior cutting action and dishwasher safe, the blade slices meats and bread with speed and preci..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: MG-100
The Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder effortlessly grinds a wide variety of meats, guaranteeing freshness and quality when making family favorites like burgers, meatloaf, meatballs, sausages, chili, and pâtés. The powerful 300-watt motor quickly grinds up to 3 pounds per minute, for profession..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CSK-150
The brushed stainless steel Cuisinart® Electric Skillet is one of the most versatile countertop cooking appliances on the market and a valuable addition to any kitchen. A temperature probe adjusts from Warm to 450°F and can be removed to make the Skillet dishwasher safe. The nonstick cooking su..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: FP-13DGM
Tackle food prep tasks both large and small with the Cuisinart Elemental 13 Food Processor. The NEW dicing disc features a 10mm screen for dicing food into perfect squares and we've also included a cleaning tool to keep it in top operating condition. The 13-cup work bowl easily handles larger quanti..
Ex Tax:$3,333.14
Brand: Cuisinart Model: FP-13DSV
Take on any food prep task with Cuisinart's Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor. Big enough to chop ingredients for a party-sized portion of salsa, the Elemental 13 can also dice ingredients in the same bowl!FEATURES: ..
Ex Tax:$3,333.14
Brand: Cuisinart Model: ECH-4SV
More convenient than ever, the Cuisinart® Elemental CollectionTM 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder effortlessly handles a variety of food preparation tasks such as chopping, grinding, and puréeing. The SmartPower® blade has a patented auto-reversing ability with a sharp edge for delicate chopping and pureeing..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: ECH-4GM
More convenient than ever, the Cuisinart® Elemental CollectionTM 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder effortlessly handles a variety of food preparation tasks such as chopping, grinding, and puréeing. The SmartPower® blade has a patented auto-reversing ability with a sharp edge for delicate chopping and pureeing..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: FP-8GMP1
The Cuisinart Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor is designed to perform any food prep task your recipe calls for. Big enough to chop ingredients for a party-sized portion of salsa, the Elemental 8 is also powerful enough to turn a full work bowl of vegetables into healthy puréed soups in seconds. T..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: FP-8SVP1
This Cuisinart food processor is designed to perform just about any food prep task a recipe calls for. It's big enough to chop ingredients for a party-sized portion of salsa and powerful enough to turn a full work bowl of veggies into healthy pureed soups in seconds. Rubberized touchpad controls a..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: FP-8MB
This Cuisinart Food Processor is designed to perform just about any food prep task a recipe calls for. Its big enough to chop ingredients for a party-sized portion of salsa and powerful enough to turn a full work bowl of veggies into healthy pured soups in seconds. Rubberized touch pad controls ..
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Brand: Max Pro Model: FG-007-102
Fire Gone is a fire suppressant packaged in a compact and cleverly designed aerosol can. It delivers a strong targeted stream that goes right to the source of the fire, coating it with specially formulated, fire fighting foam. Easy to use and simple to clean-up. Made from biodegradable materials. Pa..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: DGB-550BK
Bring out the flavors of your favorite coffee in style with the Grind & Brew™ 12 Cup Automatic Coffeemaker from Cuisinart. The brushed metal Italian styling houses a hidden grinder that freshly grinds your whole coffee beans just before the brewing cycle starts so that every cup is bright and ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: DCG-12BC
With the Grind Central™ Coffee Grinder, you can easily process up to 90g/3.2oz of beans at once, enough to make up to 18 cups of fresh coffee! With useful measurement markings inside the removal stainless steel bowl, you can grind the exact quantity of beans you need for your next cup or pot..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CPB-380P1
Meet the Cuisinart Hurricane compact juicing blender. Break down whole fruits and vegetables in the streamlined jar for delicious nutrient-filled juices and/or smoothies. Mince herbs and spices in the chopping cup and whip up custom drinks right in the travel Cups before running out the door - we've..
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Model: AMZ-106
5 In 1 Multi-Purpose: Include Immersion blender handheld ,600ml Beaker, 500ml Chopper, Egg Whisk, Milk Frother. BPA-free. You could make juices, soup& puree, smoothies, vegetables, whip cream, frothed milk, meats, and sauces, perfect for making healthy baby food.1200W Strong Power: Chop, puree, ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CTG-12-LT
You can always count on Cuisinart® for the next big idea, and this line of premium kitchen utensils and gadgets is no exception. With substantially-sized handles and generously proportioned heads, function and form unite to make quick work of any kitchen task whether stirring, scooping, flipping, gr..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CMW-110
Leave it to Cuisinart to build a better microwave! This deluxe model packs new features and technology, and plenty of power, into a generously sized 1.1 cubic foot countertop oven. A Sensor Cook feature monitors food as it cooks, automatically adjusting time and power level. An innovative power ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: DLC-2A
The Mini-Prep® Plus 24 Ounce Processor is the perfect little helper for small food preparation, from chopping herbs to finely grinding hard cheese. Its versatility lies in the special Auto Reversing Smart Blade™ making the Mini-Prep® versatile, and it is easier to process both soft and hard foods ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: PRS-50
The Cuisinart™ Pasta Roller and Cutter Attachment connects to your Precision Master™ Stand Mixer to make a variety of homemade pasta. Pasta Sheet Roller lets you make fresh lasagne or hand-cut pasta of differing thicknesses, while the other two cutters make Fettuccine or spaghetti. ..
Ex Tax:$1,556.44
Brand: Cuisinart Model: PE-50
Our Pasta Extruder Attachment lets you turn your Precision Master Stand Mixer into a kitchen workhorse, whipping up fresh batches of pasta for family and friends. Makes macaroni, spaghetti, rigatoni, fusilli, and more. Bellissimo! For use with SM-50 series and SM-35 Series Stand mixers...
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CTG-00-TIL
The Perfect Steep™ Tea Bag Infuser holds up to two tablespoons of loose tea, ideal for making a pot of tea or mulling spices, and comes with a stainless steel coaster to prevent drips...
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CPK-17P1
Protect your tea from over brewing with the PerfecTemp® Cordless Electric Kettle and its six preset temperatures optimized for every variety of tea. The 1500-watt cordless kettle quickly brings water to the exact heat and keep it at temperature for 30 minutes, so you don’t have to wait for your..
Ex Tax:$1,416.55
Brand: Cuisinart Model: HM-70WS
Flawlessly mix even the densest ingredients with the Cuisinart® Power Advantage® 7 Speed Hand Mixer. Make fast work of any cookie dough or meringue with its powerful motor featuring automatic feedback delivering just the right amount of power for your cooking task. Boasting a precision touchpad wi..
Ex Tax:$958.74
Brand: Cuisinart Model: HM-90S
Our premium Cuisinart® Power Advantage® PLUS 9-Speed Hand Mixer is as easy to stow away as it is to use! Whiz through any task with the automatic feedback SmoothStart™ feature to eliminate splatters. Once you’ve beaten batters, whipped egg whites, and kneaded homemade bread dough, just clean it ..
Ex Tax:$1,065.23
Brand: Cuisinart Model: DLC-10SYP1
The Cuisinart® Pro Classic™ 7 Cup Food Processor makes all your favorites, from stir-fries and main course salads, to peanut butter and home-made bread or pizza. The Pro Classic™ boasts an extra-large feed tube to handle whole fruits and vegetables, a slicing disc, a shredding disc, and a chopping/m..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: CCJ-500
Pulp control citrus Juicer, adjustable reamer with 3 pulp control settings, low, medium & high, auto, reversing universal Juicer Cone, final spin feature, extra long snap up spout, brushed stain stainless steel design, dishwasher safe parts, cord storage. Never put the motor housing in water or ..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: WM-SW2N
The Cuisinart Sandwich Grill does more than lunch. This versatile Cuisinart product also makes omelets and French toast. Designed to grill two items at a time, it is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or light dinners. Dual indicator lights ensure nothing over-or under-cooks and nonstick plates eliminate..
Ex Tax:$403.65
Brand: Cuisinart Model: BFP-703BC
This 48-oz blender has a feed tube, a pusher, a slicing/shredding disc, and a stainless steel chopping blade, all of which tackle some of the most time-consuming tasks with ease. From chopping veggies to mixing delicious recipes, this powerful processor is a superior companion.500 watts7-speed blend..
Ex Tax:$2,004.97
Brand: Cuisinart Model: SPB-7CH
Powerful motor crushes ice instantly with no liquid added. It blends, purées, chops, mixes, and liquefies all with the push of a button! This very smart and versatile SmartPower™ 7 Speed Electronic Blender has enough power and speeds to do it all.Features:werful 500 watt motor crushes ice at any spe..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: ICE-45P1
Professional-quality soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and sherbet is now available right at home, with the Cuisinart® Mix It In™ Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. Not only does it make everyone’s favorites, but with three built-in condiment dispensers, it makes them extra delicious! Just a pull of a tab sen..
Ex Tax:$2,535.57
Brand: Cuisinart Model: SG-10
Unleash the powerful flavors of freshly ground spices with the Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder. The blades are uniquely designed to grind spices and nuts with a simple press on the lid, sealing in all the finely ground spices for immediate use or storage. Efficiently grind any spice or create o..
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Brand: Cuisinart Model: SFP-13
Home chefs and serious foodies can double up on food prep with the Cuisinart® Stainless Steel 13-Cup Food Processor. A 13-cup work bowl for big jobs and a 4.5-cup nesting work bowl for smaller jobs eliminates the need to clean a bowl between tasks – that saves time! And with two stainless steel blad..
Ex Tax:$3,011.42
Brand: Cuisinart Model: CMW-100
1000-watt stainless-steel microwave oven with 1-cubic-foot interiorTouchpad controls with LCD; 25 preprogrammed settings; 10 power levels8 presets with serving-size options; 2-stage cooking operation2 defrost functions; 12-inch glass turntable; instructions and recipes includedProduct Built to North..
Ex Tax:$3,669.72
Brand: Cuisinart Model: CMW-70
The microwave oven has become a kitchen essential, and Cuisinart makes the best! This 0.7 cubic foot model has classic lines and stainless steel accents – a perfect fit for any kitchen. 700 watts and 11 power levels provide enough options to cook, defrost, or just reheat a variety of foods. User-fri..
Ex Tax:$2,090.18
Brand: Cuisinart Model: TOB-1010
From evenly toasting bread to cooking a roast with mouthwatering results, Cuisinart’s new toaster oven offers today’s home cooks superior performance and versatility. Equipped with 1800 watts of power, this kitchen essential is large enough to accommodate 6 slices of toast, and Always Even™ technolo..
Ex Tax:$1,705.29
Brand: Cuisinart Model: CSB-179
Versatile and durable, this kitchen essential provides the high performance today’s home chefs demand. Equipped with a 300-watt DC motor that delivers maximum power with minimum noise, the Smart Stick® Variable Speed Hand Blender switches from low to high speed at the turn of a dial. The long stainl..
Ex Tax:$961.40
Brand: Cuisinart Model: BFP-650GM
The dynamic VELOCITY Ultra Trio Blender/Food Processor with Travel Cups lets you do it all! The blender’s smart power and sophisticated electronics minces delicate herbs, whips up smoothies, and even chops ice to a fine powder. Blend your smoothies right in the two travel cups, put on the lids..
Ex Tax:$2,336.39
Brand: Cuisinart Model: WAF-V100
The brushed stainless steel Cuisinart Vertical waffle maker takes up less room on the counter while making foolproof perfect Belgian waffles. Just add your favorite batter through the spout up to the fill line for consistent waffle thickness, top to bottom and side to side, that won't spill over the..
Ex Tax:$918.00
Brand: Cuisinart Model: GK-17
Powered by 1500 watts, the ViewPro Cordless Electric Tea Kettle brings water to a boil in minutes. Whether heating water to steep the perfect cup of tea, make a cup of hot cocoa, or fill a French Press Coffeemaker, the 1.7-liter capacity holds enough water to please every member of the family at onc..
Ex Tax:$944.82
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