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Brand: Presto Model: 85610
The air vent/cover lock is located in the cover handle of pressure cooker or canner and automatically exhausts air from the cooker/canner as you begin heating the unit. It also provides a visual indication of pressure in the cooker or canner. The small gasket must be in place for the air vent/cover ..
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Brand: Presto Model: 09915
Used on Presto® Pressure Cookers and Canners built after 1977. Steam is automatically released by the overpressure plug if the vent pipe becomes clogged and excess pressure cannot be released normally...
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Brand: Presto Model: 05204
America’s best selling electric popper brand!*The easy way to pop great-tasting popcorn!Big 6-quart capacity makes enough for the entire family. Pops smaller batches too.Unique scalloped stirring arm assures even distribution of kernels for superb popping performance.Transparent cover lets you see t..
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Brand: Presto Model: 03512
The easy to make fluffy, delicious waffles stuffed with sweet and savory foods including fruits, pie fillings, candy, cheese, meats and more.Great for Keto Diets! Make no or low-carb batters and stuff with eggs, chicken, cheese, burgers, cream cheese, and veggies.Just pour in batter, add stuffing in..
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