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10-Inch Professional Food Slicer

10-Inch Professional Food Slicer
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10-Inch Professional Food Slicer
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  • Model: FS1500
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This premium Waring Pro Professional Food Slicer features sturdier construction, a larger blade, and a more powerful motor than most home food slicers. The heavy-duty die-cast aluminum slicer has an ultra-powerful 300-peak input watt motor, and the nonslip feet and solid construction make it exceptionally stable and easy to work with. A 10-inch blade is larger than conventional slicer blades and ultra-sharp for precision cuts. The blade adjusts to slice from 0 to 0.95 inches (0 to 24mm), letting you cut slice after perfect slice of a variety of meats, hard cheeses, firm fruits and vegetables and breads. The stainless steel carriage surface won’t absorb food or odors, and both blade and food guide assembly are removable for easy cleanup. A blade sharpener is included. 


  • Superior die-cast aluminum construction with non-slip feet for stable operation 
  • Heavy-duty 300 peak input watts motor 
  • Blade adjusts for 0 to 0.95-inch slices 
  • Waring Pro Professional Food Slicer comes in 8.5-Inch and 10-Inch 
  • Product manual and blade sharper included 
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 21.3 x 17 inches

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