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Vertuo Colombia

Vertuo Colombia
Vertuo Colombia
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The cooler climate of the high-altitude Colombia Aguadas mountains means the coffee takes longer to ferment. The classic washed coffee processing method is complex and time-consuming, but up here it calls for even more skill. The Aguadas farmers figured out how to painstakingly harvest only the perfectly ripe fruit and then carefully monitor the long fermentation to ensure only the best aromas develop in the coffee.
The Colombian Aguadas coffee in this Vertuo coffee capsule is lightly roasted. Most of this Fair Trade coffee is given a fast and light roast. We roast a small portion of these Colombian coffee beans just a little longer and deeper to add complexity in the cup.
Master Origin Colombia washed Arabica has the satisfying taste of a juicy, fruity washed Colombian coffee. You may pick up hints of candied apple and red berry notes in this sweet and winey Vertuo coffee.

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