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Vertuo Altissio Decaffeinato

Vertuo Altissio Decaffeinato
Vertuo Altissio Decaffeinato
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When Altissio Decaffeinato walks in, you'll notice. The full-bodied, bold espresso taste comes from blending South American Arabicas with Robusta. A Costa Rican Arabica adds its soft cereal note. All decaffeinated, the taste of the highly roasted Altissio Decaffeinato is true to the original - still cloaked in creamy royal robes.

AROMATIC PROFILE Altissio Decaffeinato is no less cloaked in a creamy cereal note than Altissio. The decaffeinated Latin American Arabicas still get an intense roast.

ORIGIN No less of a head-turner than Altissio, Altissio Decaffeinato gets all its boldness from blending Latin American Arabicas with Brazilian Robusta and giving them a short, dark roast. The decaffeinated Costa Rican Arabica tempers the roastiness of the blend with its soft and creamy cereal note.

ROASTING A green coffee blend, following inspiration from the traditional Altissio recipe. The majority of the blend is composed of Arabicas going through a dark and short roast.

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