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La Cumplida Refinada

 La Cumplida Refinada
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La Cumplida Refinada
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Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada is the second chapter to Master Origin Nicaragua. From the same farm nestled in the mountains surrounding Matagalpa come coffee beans from the same Arabica Marsellesa variety. But we did something altogether new with it. We developed a unique post-harvest process using natural fermentation to create a very different red fruit taste. It’s a natural process but still requires craft in controlling the various elements. With a watchful eye on the harvested coffee cherry during fermentation, La Cumplida’s master craftsmen fine-tuned time and temperature to unlock only the best flavor notes. With Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada, we endeavored to craft a coffee product wildly different from its sister coffee, Master Origins Nicaragua with “Black-Honey” Processed Arabica. Nestlé research is home to many experts on coffee processing. They dug deep to understand how the temperature and time of fermenting the cherries impact the flavor development of the coffee. We collaborated with La Cumplida’s local experts at the farm to put the research into practice, unveiling this exquisite flavor profile.


Desiring a perfect cup, NESPRESSO collaborated on a new approach fermentation La Cumplida farmers from Nicaragua to master the process and unlock smooth candied cherry and pomegranate notes.


This single-origin coffee is roast using an 85/15 split roast technique. The first batch reaches a dark roast in a short time, while the second split is even darker but also short. This technique allows us to create a little intensity while preserving the fruitiness and delicate aromas of this coffee.


This surprising and unique coffee delights with wild fruity notes reminiscent of candied cherry and pomegranate.

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